Previously Fashion and Beauty Director for OK! Magazine, Rosie Underwood is a stylist, writer and all round fashion, beauty and lifestyle expert. 

Starting her career alongside the fashion and beauty teams at the X Factor, Rosie’s fascination in all areas of the industry led her to produce over 400 exclusively produced shoots for both editorial and advertorial campaigns all around the world, as well as embracing personal styling, beauty consultancy, lifestyle journalism and teaching yoga, taking her to all four corners of the globe. 

Rosie’s original take on interviewing celebrities has led her to getting first hand life and style advice from Sarah Jessica Parker, been given red carpet beauty tips from Eva Longoria and Rosie Huntington Whitely and she’s even got the low down on female entrepreneurship from Paris Hilton.and Miranda Kerr.

Rosie’s worked behind the scenes at The Oscars, Cannes Film Festival and both TV and film Baftas, making her a renowned industry expert. Her ability to relate to people from all walks of life, combined with her extensive knowledge in fashion, wellness, beauty and lifestyle with over a decade of experience in all areas of the industry, means Rosie has appeared widely across media as both a personality and consultant.

🌞✨Just a reminder that in this crazy day and age it’s so easy to compare yourself to literally anyone and find an inadequacy, OR (and I’m still working in this one) you can tell yourself that you’re amazing JUST THE WAY YOU ARE! BECAUSE YOU ARE!! And yes I’m aware I’m quoting Bruno Mars here.

📷 @surfsistas … not today ✨🌞

TIME TO FLY! YOGA FOR PHYSICAL STRENGTH AND BRAIN GAIN! 💫💫💪I’m teaching a flow with @fatface this week to help promote co-ordination, balance, strength and focus (because lord knows we all need it now the world’s opening up again.) The brain is the main overseer of balance in the body, so working through postures that simultaneously root us down to the ground to rise us up, promotes greater neuroplasticity, offering pretty potent benefits to our lives once we’re off the mat. You can thank me later 😉 See you over on the @fatface page tomorrow evening at 7:30pm for a wriggle! 📷 @alexjameslondon

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