Previously Fashion and Beauty Director for OK! Magazine, Rosie Underwood is a stylist, writer and all round fashion, beauty and lifestyle expert.

Starting her career alongside the fashion and beauty teams at the X Factor, Rosie’s fascination in all areas of the industry led her to produce over 400 exclusively produced shoots for both editorial and advertorial campaigns all around the world, as well as embracing personal styling, beauty consultancy, lifestyle journalism and teaching yoga, taking her to all four corners of the globe. 

Rosie’s original take on interviewing celebrities has led her to getting first hand life and style advice from Sarah Jessica Parker, been given red carpet beauty tips from Eva Longoria and Rosie Huntington Whitely and she’s even got the low down on female entrepreneurship from Paris Hilton.and Miranda Kerr.

Rosie’s worked behind the scenes at The Oscars, Cannes Film Festival and both TV and film Baftas, making her a renowned industry expert. Her ability to relate to people from all walks of life, combined with her extensive knowledge in fashion, wellness, beauty and lifestyle with over a decade of experience in all areas of the industry, means Rosie has appeared widely across media as both a personality and consultant.

TIME TO FLY! YOGA FOR PHYSICAL STRENGTH AND BRAIN GAIN! 💫💫💪I’m teaching a flow with @fatface this week to help promote co-ordination, balance, strength and focus (because lord knows we all need it now the world’s opening up again.) The brain is the main overseer of balance in the body, so working through postures that simultaneously root us down to the ground to rise us up, promotes greater neuroplasticity, offering pretty potent benefits to our lives once we’re off the mat. You can thank me later 😉 See you over on the @fatface page tomorrow evening at 7:30pm for a wriggle! 📷 @alexjameslondon

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💫 HOW’S EVERYBODY DOING? Finding things tough? That’s because they are (I hate to break it to you 🤷‍♀️.) I’ve penned some tips on how to cope with these times with the lovely people @RadleyLondon, so head to their page for my mood boosting guide to staying sane through this corona-coaster.

If you’re struggling, just remember that the thinking mind loves to jump to worse case scenario to protect you from danger. Our brains are ancient devices that aren’t designed to keep you happy, they’re designed to make you survive. Here’s the good news, its not the negative thoughts themselves that might make you feel bad, it’s identification with them. It’s becoming them. Try to shift your perception of stress by looking at everything that’s good in your life. I’m not bypassing pain, grief and loss, these times are very raw and real and the inability to sit with these feelings instead of ‘living your best life ever in Dubai’ is a sure fire way to rob you of your joy in the long term. But just acknowledge your thinking mind and the physical sensations in the body that resonate with those thoughts, be the observer instead of becoming. Remember you’re not your thoughts or your feelings, you’re something much bigger than that. We want to find home within the body, within our core, and not battle against it. I expand on this and many more tips on keeping happy and healthy through this time with @radleylondon #ad #RadleyLondon 📷 @philly.stokes

💫What’s that? Sex and the City is making a return? And it’s my mum’s birth week this week? (She has a week.) Thought I’d use the opportunity to remind my mother that when I was being paid to talk to SJP about perfume, we used the time to talk about more pressing subjects like my mum’s Bon Jovi obsession, raising young women, and to slightly massage my own ego by filming this gem. 😂💫 Happy B day Mother! 💫🌙 AND WELCOME BACK SITC

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💫When nothing is certain, anything is possible 💫💙💪 #wistfulcliff 📷 @surfsistas ...

💫The whole New Year thing. I’ll try to keep it brief, 😐 but there’s a real universal grievance right now and big old expectation hangovers happening left right and center, all whilst we’re hearing the words ‘Happy New Year’ being thrown around, so yeah, it’s ok to feel like the dumb/ confused Hyena in the Lion King who gets constantly hit across the head with a bat. We’re saying goodbye to people/dreams and accepting physical disconnection as a ‘new norm.’ We’ve covered our faces, so we can’t use non- verbal communication with each other, like smiling to a stranger, which in my experience speaks louder than any word you can say. We all love to take the driver’s seat playing the lead role in our own movies, we’re all told (often via Instagram, maybe with a back drop of a mountain and a van renovation thrown in for good measure 🤷‍♀️) that ‘a comfort zone is a great place to be, but nothing ever grows there.’ But for us all to be collectively thrown so far that our comfort zones are now dots in the distance isn’t something to be taken remotely lightly. We were never in control. So, moving into the New Year, I say go flipping easy. Meet yourself where you are. Don’t let the negatives from 2020 become part of your static identity by revisiting them in your head too much. There are so so many rays of light, actual gems in this equation, there’s order in the chaos, and there’s love by the bucket load if you look in the right places. We have a hugely strong compassionate instinct at our core, just like elephants, and that’s always given me huge amounts of faith in us homo sapien earthlings. Uncertainty can be terrifying, but it can give you freedom, and in my experience, to really live life to its full potential is a form of never really being sure. SO HELLO 2021 *treads very carefully. ...

Look up, not back... we’re not going that way!

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Winter Solstice is BIG NEWS this year... one week to go

December 21 💫 LOOK UP 💫

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